Creative accesibility

Creative Accessibility means making services or products accessible for a target group where this is normally not automatically the case, in a way that also creates extra value for the regular target audience. Limitation is used as a positive source of inspiration, to create accessibility in a creative way. Because it also offers extra value to the regular target audience, the specific target group is not excluded or treated differently.

Creative Accessibility has interfaces with Inclusive Design. For example: Museums are going to provide their exhibitions with visual support, where the spoken language is not leading anymore. This makes the exhibitions accessible for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, but other target groups benefit as well. Think of migrants with a language deficiency, foreign tourists, people with a mental disorder or young children. Nonetheless, the visual expect can give a whole other dimension to the experience of the exhibition to people who do not face linguistic barriers.

At Sencity we focus ourselves in particular on accessibility inspired by a deaf or hard of hearing target group. Up until 2020 we will be active in Utrecht to improve the accessibility at cultural organizations in a creative way, together with a team of experts in the field, lobbyists, innovation experts, concept developers, artists, policy officers and funders.

Because of the broad experience of Possibilize, there is also the possibility to implement creative accessibility from the point of view of other limitations.