Sencity originated from the desire to develop. Founder Ronald Ligtenberg developed a goal that was greater than he thought he could achieve - purely to challenge himself and thereby develop new talents. From his passion for music, he came up with a music event for deaf people.

Together with a group of deaf young people, they looked at what is possible. And so they came up with the idea to stimulate the other senses in addition to hearing.

The first event in 2003 was so successful that Possibilize was founded, with the aim of creating a platform where more people could develop themselves. Every time with a challenge as a starting point. The unique character is defined as: thinking and acting in possibilities, in every situation - called Possibilizing. This comes down to looking again and again at what is possible. Not that we take care of everything that might be possible, but it is just a lot more fun to first think of which options are there … and then to do what suits us best, or the situation.

Because the core of the organization mainly revolves around the ideas and associated mission (inspiring and activating to think and act in possibilities, in every situation = Possibilizing), the organization continued under the name Possibilize since 1 January 2017.