Sencity was created from the need of development. Founder Ronald Ligtenberg set himself a target, that was bigger then he thought he could ever achieve - purely to challenge himself and therefore develop new talents. From his passion for music, he came up with the idea of a music even for deaf people. Together with a group of deaf youngsters they looked at was WAS possible. This is how they came op with the idea of stimulating senses other then hearing.

The first event in 2003 was so successful, that Possibilize was officially founded, with the aim to create a platform on which people could develop. Always with a challenge as starting-point.

The unique thing about Possibilize is the thinking and acting in possibilities, in every situation - we call it Possibilizing. This means that you always look for the possibilities that ARE there. This doesn't mean we actually do everything that is possible, but it is simply a lot more fun to look at possibilities.... and then do what suits us, or the situation the most