Possibilize connects, inspires and activates to think and act in possibilities, in every situation. We enable people to use their talents and make dreams come true.

We do this by giving them a platform on which they get the opportunity to organize groundbreaking projects, such as Sencity, the international music event for the deaf, hard of hearing and hearing. The young people participate in all facets and at all levels of the project organization. They discover hidden talents and develop them further. To eventually realize a project that seemed unfeasible at first glance. As a result, they see with their own eyes how the so called impossible can be made possible. And with this awareness, they can inspire other young people in their environment to think 'out of the box'.

Organizational culture
The words 'can not' do not exist within Possibilize. Because we believe that everything is possible if you really go for something and think in terms of possibilities instead of limitations (what we call possibilizing). That you can realize every goal and every dream. This belief and previously successful 'impossible' projects give young people energy and self-confidence. Possibilize not only wants to inspire individuals to push their limits but also to inspire companies and organizations. We do this by also inspiring and engaging them in the organization of groundbreaking projects. Because something like a big music event is not organized on your own. In this way, we have built up a large network of partner organizations all over the world that work together on the development of talent. From large organizers of dance parties to small foundations that support a certain target group.

Limitation = enrichment

In addition to inspiring people, Possibilize wants to show with certain target groups (including young people with a physical, mental, visual or auditory limitation) that artists with disabilities are an enrichment for the cultural landscape. Because they can use their handicap in their favor. For example, a deaf dancer has a huge expression in his body language. And blind photographers (yes, there are!) use much more fantasy in their photos. People with and without a disability can, therefore, learn a lot from each other.

Possibilize has a social ANBI status. This means that if you want to make a donation to our foundation, this can be advantageous. When you calculate your deductible item, you may increase this gift by 25%. A maximum of 1.250 euro applies to this increase.

Below you will find detailed information about the organization and the policy, available as a download: