Mission statement

Possibilize wants to inspire youngsters to overcome their imaginary boundaries. To not think in limitations, but in possibilities. This way, they can develop their talents.


We achieve this by offering them the opportunity to organise ground-breaking projects, like Sencity, the international music event for deaf, hard-of-hearing and hearing youngsters. The youngsters work on every aspect and in every level of the project-organisation. They discover hidden talents and develop them. In the end they have created an event that seemed impossible at first. In this process they experience first-hand that the impossible can be made possible. With this awareness, they can inspire others around them to think 'out of the box'.

Organisational Culture

The word 'cannot' doesn't exist in our organisation. We believe that everything is possible and that if you take a stand for something and you think in possibilities instead of limitations (what we like to call 'Possibilizing'), you can achieve every goal and every dream.

This believe and earlier accomplished 'impossible' projects, gives the youngsters energy and confidence. Possibilize does not only want to inspire individuals, but companies and organisations as well. We do this by enthusing and involving them in the organisation of our projects. Because you don't organise a large event by yourself.

By doing this, we have build a large, world-wide network of partner-organisations, that work together on talent-development. Ranging from large event-organisations, to small foundation that support curtain target groups.

Limitation = Enrichment

Besides inspiring people, Possibilize wants to show that artists with a disability (e.g. physical, mental, visual or auditive) can enrich the cultural landscape, by using their disability in their favour. A deaf dancer, for instance, has a gigantic physical expression. Blind photographers (yes, they exist!) incorporate a lot more imagination in their work. When you look at it from that perspective, people with and without a disability can learn a lot from each other.