Masterclass creative accessibility

A masterclass Creative Accessibility in which you and your own team can look at creative solutions to issues that play a role in your cultural institution.


Everyone wants an accessible world. But people often think that this mainly costs money, time and effort and nobody knows exactly how to do it. In other words, it is mainly seen as a burden.

Possibilize offers a Creative Accessibility masterclass in which you and your own team can look at creative solutions to issues that play a role in your cultural institution. The masterclass is given by experts who have hands-on experience. They give the masterclass together with young people with a disability who have been trained on this theme by Possibilize.

Possibilize sees accessibility as an opportunity and wants to show what the added value of creative applications can be. Besides the fact that you no longer exclude people, there are many more benefits to be gained. If you do it right, performances will be more beautiful and the physical space will be of better quality. The application of Creative Accessibility also ensures that the experience is more equal for everyone in the audience. 

"What a great masterclass! Confirmation of what certain situations are like for someone with a disability, and also that it is sometimes okay to make certain choices. In any case, talking 'with' is much nicer / more valuable than 'talking about'."

participant masterclass Creative Accessibility

For whom?

For cultural institutions that are curious about how they can organize their own accessibility in such a way that the applications provide added value. You can take a closer look at your own accessibility with our masterclass. It does not matter at what stage the accessibility is at the moment.

Under the guidance of an experience expert, you will pay attention to the following points:

  • Raising awareness about accessibility.
  • How accessibility can lead to artistic added value.
  • Methodology to realize everything in practice step by step - based on a case presented by you.
  • Introduction to the phenomenon 'Creative Accessibility'

The masterclass is possible for different people and departments in the organization.

“Transforming (art) experiences, together! Because it opens your eyes. There are several ways to Rome and sometimes you have to think a little differently because your event is different from, for example, a standard festival.”

participant masterclass weekend Revelland, Valencia

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If you would like to know more about this project or the masterclass, please contact our project manager.

“The experience we have gained gives us a more open-minded attitude and helps to develop an accessible world.”

participant masterclass Creative Accessibility

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