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In his talks, Ronald Ligtenberg shows why people have always had problems, why it will continue to be that way and how cool that actually is. And of course how you can deal with it forcefully; because that ultimately makes the difference.

Using examples from Possibilize's rich history, he shows how sensory-stimulating music events for the deaf took place all over the world and how an organization was created that now advises festivals throughout Europe on accessibility. You can count on a personal journey with interactive elements.


Dealing with problems forcefully? All our lives we try to avoid them. Our whole way of life is aimed at avoiding or preventing problems ourselves. This is how our education system is set up, how we raise children and how we organize the business community. But most innovations and the greatest developments take place because of… problems!

What if you just dive in or even deliberately cause them? This could just be the start of unexpected growth!

Ronald Ligtenberg is founder and CEO of the Possibilize foundation, author of the book Possibilizing, speaker, consultant…. and above all a Possibilizer! Ronald organizes music events for the deaf around the world where the audience is treated to aroma jockeys and vibrating floors and invited to experience taste sensations. He has also set up photography projects for the blind and facilitates body language workshops in which the deaf act as communication experts for business leaders.

His lectures allow audiences to push their limits, challenging them to see problems as opportunities. Ronald's story reveals the unexpected results that emerge when you take a 'disability' as a source of inspiration. He calls this 'possibilizing': thinking and acting in terms of possibilities, under all circumstances.

Combined with personal stories, you are guaranteed to be inspired and gain new insights about how you can bring your organization or products to life.

“Ronald Ligtenberg is a top of the bill inspiring speaker in our curriculum; he has a lot of experience as a (social) entrepreneur and he has the capability to reflect in a very authentic, practical and humorous way, with also having a sharp eye on the lessons to be learned. He is the most quoted speaker in our program.”

Drs Nicole Verhoeven, Amsterdam Centre for Entrepreneurship

For whom?

Wil je jouw team uitdagen om op een andere manier te kijken? Naar problemen, een vraagstuk of juist naar een nieuw onderwerp? Of een inspirerende sessie aanbieden waarvan de boodschap bijblijft, langer dan twee dagen na afloop? Deze experience kan op verschillende manieren worden opgebouwd en in samenspraak ingevuld – met aandacht voor de boodschap die je wilt overbrengen. 

For companies, organizations with a varying group size, in English or Dutch, with or without an interpreter Dutch Sign Language / writing interpreter.

“Ronald was one of the speakers at TEDxDamlaan (…). With personal stories, sensory-stimulating demonstrations and a healthy dose of humour, he effortlessly convinced his audience. Ronald knows how to keep the energy in the room high and gives an attractive presentation!”

Pauline le Rutte, Conduite


Thinking in terms of possibilities creates sensory-stimulating festivals, immersive live performances and multidisciplinary theater performances that inspire others. Combined with personal stories, you are guaranteed to be inspired and gain new insights. It seems so easy and we all want it. However, it is not just a matter of mindset, of positive thinking and of 'the sky is the limit'. People who think in terms of possibilities and actually put them into action do something special. Often unconsciously. But how do you do this?

Ronald Ligtenberg is such a 'Possibilizer' and he has succeeded in converting this concept into concrete steps. With personal stories of himself and his team, about successes but also about missteps, he ultimately provides tools for Possibilizing, so that you can start experimenting with it yourself. This is an encouraging talk that can help you move from dreaming to going for it. It's not about what you can't do, but what you can do and that's an amazing amount!

This special book inspires and activates the readers to think and act in possibilities; in every situation. 10 values with 10 stories about inspiring people and special events are linked to the Possibilize philosophy.

Be inspired by stories about making choices, strong language, responsibility, integrity and win-win situations.

Ronald Ligtenberg, CEO Possibilize



Curious? To collaborate? Mean something to each other? Ronald Ligtenberg can tell you everything about his talk and is always open to new ideas.

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