Partofit offers inclusive, inspiring and exceptional performances. Amsterdam Dance Event, Wildeburg and Duizel in het Park preceded you!


Partofit develops cultural productions with a social impact and rents them out to cultural events. We do this in collaboration with trainers, creators and talented people with disabilities. The trainers guide and monitor people with disabilities in their cultural talent development. They also support the creators in the process of cooperation. The culture creators and people with disabilities shape the cultural productions together, whereby the limitations are a source of inspiration in the design process. The productions offer organizers of cultural events the opportunity to program in a social responsible manner.

“Wat een goed idee voor grote festivals en evenementen: een festivalsafari! Neem bezoekers mee over het terrein en laat zien wat er allemaal te beleven valt.”

Samira Selman (Eventgoodies)

Festival safari

Improvisational theatre, guided tour or both? Anyway, after the Festivalsafari you are sure to look at the world with a fresh look. The actors, masters of improvisational theatre, give short performances in which they are inspired by what they encounter along the way. Armed with binoculars, hats and khaki capris, the actors surprise the festival visitors with their talent for improvisation. There is so much beautiful and special happening around us, but are we still seeing this? The actors are the tour guides during this safari and the means of transport is a golf cart. The actors give short performances in which they search for happiness, inspired by what they encounter along the way. The participants in the safari are certainly not only spectators, they also have to work!

“Een van de knallers van ons festival. Zowel creatief als maatschappelijk een erg sterke speler.”

Siep Stronks (Wildeburg)


The Festival Safari is part of a surprising portfolio. Take a look at the website and discover Perfect Shadows (shadow dance act), the bucket drum workshop, Geluidswereld (exhibition about the influence sound has on your perception of the world), I am Redo (a professional dancer and speaker who travels all over the world), blind love for Salsa (a salsa workshop where the teacher is blind and the class is blindfolded) and the showdown challenge (blind table tennis).

“De Festivalsafari is een vrolijk makend, dynamisch product waarbij de bezoekers elkaar en het festival beter leerden kennen. Partofit levert een zeer waardevolle bijdrage aan het culturele aanbod voor evenementen.”

Mariska Verhulst (Duizel in het Park)


Project manager

You too can become Partofit. Do you have talent? A good idea? Send Bas an email with your plan and motivation! Everyone is welcome.

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