Body language workshop by deaf trainers. A unique experience full of inspiration and awareness of non-verbal communication. Perfect for team building, company outings and staff training.

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Possibilize sees limitations as a source of inspiration. The trainers at the Possibilize Academy are deaf and have become experts in body language as a result. The body language workshop makes your organisation aware of non-verbal communication in a unique way and offers an unforgettable experience to groups of colleagues.

What does it bring to your organisation:

  • Awareness of the importance of good body language in communication
  • Improving (non-verbal) communication between colleagues and with customers
  • A boost to corporate culture and awareness of the importance of an inclusive society
  • Inspiration, enthusiasm and an activity you will never forget!

“Possibilize Academy training received extremely high marks in the evaluation of our participants. The experience our professionals have gained gives them a more open minded attitude and helps them to develop inclusive leadership."

Gwenda van Hooff – van Steekelenburg (Deloitte)

For whom?

We show your organisation the way to a better understanding of non-verbal communication, which leads to better communication in the workplace and more success in communication with customers. We adapt the workshops to the specific wishes of your organisation. By playing role plays, the workshop is tailored to specific departments or common situations within an organisation.

“Our management inspiration day with the theme 'thinking in possibilities' was a resounding success. The Possibilize workshop and role plays have made our managers more aware of the power of body language. An applause will never sound the same again!"

Pieter van Oosterhout (Rabobank)


Many professionals are not aware of the importance of body language in professional communication, for example in acquisition talks and contract negotiations. Achieve more success with this unique body language workshop by deaf trainers.

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Do you want multiple workshops in one day? This is possible! Or do you have other special wishes? Ronald can tell you everything about Possibilize Academy and is happy to think along with you.

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