Revelland is a network of passionate artists, experience designers and event organisers, committed to making the performing arts accessible to everyone. Together we transform the experience of art. The next milestone: multi-sensory, immersive music performances on a budget by KNARS, KRANKk and Perhaps Contraption.

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Revelland is a pioneer of multisensory, immersive performing arts. 15 years of experience has led to the introduction of the term Creative Accessibility: Accessibility in such a way that multiple groups can benefit from it; solutions that lead to an improvement of what was already there: a performance, a concert, a stage, an exhibition or other form of performing arts.

By taking the disability as a source of inspiration and actively involving people with different disabilities in the creative process, Revelland researches and develops solutions that enrich the experience for the entire audience. Dive into the world of Revelland by smelling happiness, tasting heartbreak, hearing trust, seeing love and feeling ecstasy.

“Door multidisciplinair, multisensorisch te werken, openen we meer deuren en vinden we nieuwe mogelijkheden binnen elke creatie.”

Eileih Muir, Flavour&Some

For whom?

Revelland believes in activation through inspiring solutions and hands-on tools. Accessibility, diversity and inclusion are still abstract concepts for many people and there are many wrong assumptions that prevent organizations from implementing changes. That's why Revelland offers presentations and workshops to show you how to do things in a way that immediately sees benefits and creates results.

“Elke artiest die ooit met ons heeft gewerkt, ontdekte door onze benadering een diepere betekenis van hun eigen werk, omdat het de essentie van hun creatie raakt: de intentie van hun kunst.”

Ronald Ligtenberg, Possibilize


With over 20 years of experience and a global network, Revelland is happy to share her knowledge with organisations and individuals who recognize the need for change. Whether you want to immersify a performance with multisensory elements, gain insight into the needs of people with disabilities through a focus group or make your communication strategy accessible, Revelland is ready to tackle any challenge.

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Nieuwsgierig? Samenwerken? Iets voor elkaar betekenen? Marije de Bruin kan je alles vertellen over Revelland en staat altijd open voor nieuwe idee├źn.

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