Sencity Festival

Hear, see, taste, feel and smell music! Sencity is a sensory festival where you experience culture with all your senses. Step into our wonderful world and be surprised! 


At festivals and concerts, you normally focus on what you hear and see. At Sencity you can also taste, smell and feel the music! The artists and bands develop an immersive performance together with our sense director. Beforehand, they dive into the rehearsal room together to find out what the artist or band wants the audience to experience. This experience is described in emotions and stories. This is then translated into, for example, smells, tastes, images, vibrations and dance, in collaboration with experts. Finally, these elements are moulded together, to create a universal experience that can be enjoyed with all the senses.

"Hearing and deaf come together here, wow!"

Hii_een, artist

Sense direction

By applying sense direction, for example to music, a performance is created that can be experienced by a diverse group of people, in an equal way. After all, it no longer matters whether you have no or reduced hearing, whether you are visually impaired, or whether you can use all the senses. No aspect of the direction of the senses creates an exceptional position for a specific group, but offers added value for the public as a whole.

“You don't just go for the music. You taste things, you hear things differently, you feel the vibrations in the floor.”

Feiertag, artist


Sencity started as a personal challenge from music lover Ronald Ligtenberg. Out of curiosity and ambition, he asked himself the question: How do you organise a music event for deaf people? He went to investigate and joined forces with deaf and hard of hearing people. The first party, Deaf Valley, was a fact! About 20 years later, Sencity is a proven concept and dozens of editions have taken place worldwide, including in Australia, Brazil, Germany, England, New Zealand and South Africa.

“Other festivals focus more on music. Sencity focuses on the complete picture, so hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and feeling.”

Cas Wolters, Heel Holland Bakt


Project manager

Curious? To collaborate? Mean something to each other? Isa can tell you everything about Sencity Festival and is always open to new ideas.

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