Superkracht (the Dutch word for ‘superpower’) develops the talents of young people with disabilities and makes them visible in the cultural sector. We work with festivals and events, with pop venues and theatres. Together we create space for the unique qualities and inspiring characters of team Superkracht.


Unique talent that enriches and inspires.

In the training, new Superkracht team members get the chance to discover their talents. In groups with other participants, they create learning goals and decide which challenge they will take on. Based on their interests, the possibilities within the cultural sector they have learned about and the output of the training, the participants are given a fitting task. 

Team members of Superkracht work as volunteers at festivals and events, at pop venues and theatres. They work on an equal level with the employees or volunteers of cultural partners. For example, they tap beers, welcome visitors or carry instruments behind the scenes.

“Zodra wij mensen met een beperking betrekken bij ons personeel dan ontstaan er allerlei mooie kruisbestuivingen.”

Marco, Sniester / Grote Markt Den Haag

For whom?

The Superkracht team consists of young adults (18-35 years old) with an intellectual, a cognitive or multiple disabilities. The training is designed for this target group, however, someone with a disability outside this framework will never be excluded. Superkracht embraces enthusiasm, ambition and drive. That is why every potential team member is welcomed with open arms. In an introductory meeting, we discuss whether Superkracht can offer a suitable environment for that person to take on a new challenge.

“Het liefst wil ik als MC artiesten aankondigen op festivals als Lowlands, Pinkpop en WOO HAH!”

Daan, team member Superkracht


Young adults with a disability experience more isolation than young adults without these disabilities due to less social self-reliance and a limited social network. By making the talents of the participants visible instead of their limitations, we break through prejudices and strengthen the positive image of people with disabilities. We show that they are a valuable team member with passion, pride and enthusiasm, just like team members without disabilities. 

“Dat enorme enthousiasme, dat weet niemand te evenaren. Dat kunnen alleen zij.”

Chantal, De Betovering


Project manager

Curious? Want to collaborate? Could we be of value to one another? Tim can tell you everything about Superkracht and is always open to new ideas.

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