(Un)Spoken shows the power of language in universal form. It shows the power of Dutch Sign Language in a way that is accessible to everyone. It enriches Spoken Word's existing offering. It creates role models with disabilities and offers them a platform.


(Un)Spoken is a training program for new talent and a development platform for existing talent. Through master classes, coaching (including Manu van Kersbergen, Boaz Blume, Justin de Verteller) and performances, participants are given the opportunity to develop into professionals in the performing arts.

Come and stand under my tuft. And look with me through this window in this pouring rain.

Within me, walls have been built around traumas that have become increasingly common.
There are taboos hiding in me that have forgotten how the wind blows.

Quote from Manu van Kersbergen's work

For whom?

The participants of (Un)Spoken always work in pairs of deaf or hearing-impaired and hearing people. This way cross-pollination occurs between the spoken word and Dutch sign language. Furthermore, all (Un)Spoken productions are inclusive and accessible. 

How a movement can be free from norms. How arbitrariness shows itself.

Within me, communities march like armies, unaware of their privileges.
I have never been so excluded.

Quote from Manu van Kersbergen's work


In the future, Un(Spoken) aims to focus not just on spoken word artists, but also on deaf performers, poets, deaf rappers and much more. All disciplines in which spoken language and gestures are a central part can be enriched by (Un)Spoken.

How another person comes to grips with an idea of a self.
How all those building blocks contribute to this immense vault.

I have constructions that rely on life experience and assumptions.
Within me I search for a key for all those doors and windows.

Come and stand under my tuft.
A storm is coming.

Quote from Manu van Kersbergen's work



Our (Un)Spoken duos can be booked per duo and as a collective for festivals, (corporate) events or conferences and symposia. Bas can tell you everything about this and is always open to a conversation.

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