Team of Possibilize

Ronald Ligtenberg
Project manager Possibilize Academy

Marije de Bruin
Financial Director

Bas Wierikx
Project manager Sencity
Producer Partofit

Tim van Reyswoud
Project leader Senself
Communication manager Sencity Festival

Kirsten Lentjes
Project manager Sencity Kids

Joelle Rembouts
Project Employee Sencity Kids

Linda Grotenhuis

Manager Back-office

Tim Arets
Social media Sencity Festival

Joerie ten Hoeve
Programmer Sencity Festival

Isa Vriese
Programmer Sencity Festival

Gerard van Ruth
Producer Sencity Festival

Kim van den Heuvel
External confidential advisor

Jaap Huibers
Supervisory Board Chairman

Paul Beelen
Supervisory Board Treasurer

Pieterjan van den Akker
Supervisory Board: human affairs

Martine Baadenhuijsen
Supervisory Board: communication & network

Annemiek Gouwens
Board of Advisors
Business owner: Gouwens Connect and Change, partner in Change & Strategic Alignment | HRM & Communication consultancy | Interim HRD

Ben Wiegman
Board of Advisors
Culture & Entrepreneurship

David Samama
Board of Advisors
Sutainable Sourcing & Vendor Management Professional - Triodos Bank

Frans van de Reep
Board of Advisors
Professor, former KPN commissioner

George Brouwer
Board of Advisors
Managing director / owner TCM

Maarten Mookhoek
Board of Advisors
Senior management consultant - Improven BV

Maria Ouwehand
Board of Advisors
Coordinator Strategy en New Business - WOMEN Inc.

Minnekus de Groot
Board of Advisors
Head of communications - Auris

Rene van den Boezem
Board of Advisors
Board member Swedoro

Rob van Maanen
Board of Advisors
Director FlexPay BV, social secondment specialist

Theo Dijt
Board of Advisors
Co-founder Unlimited Talent & Pentascope

Willem Westermann
Board of Advisors
Owner De Regelaar: advice and production for the Entertainment industry and Knowledge Center of the Association of Event Makers

Johan Morsink
Board of Advisors
Chief Commercial Officer, Leadership in Sales

Suzanne Leclair-Noteborn
Board of Advisers
Strategic consultant, connecting art, culture and society (Suzannes Zaak, Het Kabinet voor Levend Onderzoek)

Jenneke Litjens
Board of Advisors

Serhat Aga├žan
Board of Advisors
Chairman of SWDA

Tom Uittenbogert
Board of Advisors
Director of 1.2.Communicate and Academie Visuele Muziek